Why you still can't move without knee pain despite doing all the exercises

How to get freedom of movement back

Is your knee pain from an old injury or arthritis stopping you from doing what you want to? Are you doing strengthening exercises but you're not able to move without pain still?

If you're doing exercises and you're still limited by your knee THEN GET READY TO CHANGE ALL THAT. In just 45 minutes, I'll show you how you can get your freedom to move again without any pain or stiffness so you can live the life you want.

A pure content class - no fluff, no fillers, nothing to buy 

  • You really can move without pain and without surgeries 

  • No more restricting your lifestyle and missing out on things you love to do

  • No more worries for the future

  • SPECIAL BONUS: on LIVE SESSION only - FREE gift worth $497 and a handout you can download for the live session only

  • You will receive an invite to my special facebook group after you register where I share more tips and advise 

Simran Choudhary

The Body Coach - Simran combines years of expertise in Physio, Ergonomics, Mindfulness and Pilates to assist clients in transforming their body to successfully get their mobility back without any knee pain